Seafood Stock

Bringing You The Ocean’s Freshest Catch

Completely fresh seafood, caught just a day – sometimes a few hours – before being sent to your home.

You can trust us to supply you with pure natural fish portions! It doesn’t matter how big or small your order is.
We make sure that your order is delivered on time and as fresh as we promise the seafood to be.

Coho Salmon

We leave the skin on the bottom of this fillet portion for two reasons: First, some of the highest fat levels are found in the darker flesh next to the skin. Second, cooking with the skin side down will help keep it moist throughout.

Alaska King Salmon

Wild-caught Alaska king salmon contains the highest fat levels of all the wild Pacific salmon species. Ours is caught in the pristine water of the Nushagak River, frozen immediately after catch.

Sockeye Salmon

Wild Caught in Alaska waters from Cook Inlet to Prince William Sound, our sockeye salmon has a beautiful red color and rich, fresh flavor.


A grain-fed delicacy - so mild that many people who say they don't like seafood love catfish! Our catfish fillet portions are naturally raised in North Carolina and cook up mild, white and flaky.

Alaska Halibut

Size-selected to yield perfectly tender, flaky fillet servings for you to prepare at home. This light eating fish is an elegant treat and one of the highest-value seafood items.

Wild Atlantic Cod

With its mild, slightly sweet flavor and flaky white flesh, Atlantic cod has long been popular in the US, as well as in Europe and South America. We select only the premium fish for our wild cod fillet portions.

Other Options

01. Gulf Shrimp

These large, succulent shrimps are deveined and frozen with no additives so that they are tender, juicy and flavorful. Perfect as a stand-alone entree, or added to pasta or other dishes.

02. Wild Sea Scallops

Enjoy the rich flavor of wild sea scallops by searing them or simply preparing them so that their natural juices caramelize on the surface.

03. Bay Soft Shell Crab

One package contains your choice of two dozen Prime sized, soft shell blue crabs, packed individually into trays containing 3 crabs per tray.

Milli Langley
Co-founder of Seafood Stock Delivery Service.